Police are treating an attack on a London underground train Friday morning as a terrorist incident.

The attack, which occurred at approximately 8.20am local time on September 15, has left commuters with serious burns and caused havoc on nearby streets as other ran from the blast.

Security sources have confirmed London police have identified the terror suspect at the Parsons Green underground station in south-west London using CCTV footage.

Immediately after the incident, many streets around the area were closed to contain the disruption.

Streets have now been reopened, but there is still an active police presence.

“A fireball flew down the carriage”

Passengers who were on board the train when the explosion occurred have said the blast came from a plastic bucket.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Commuters in the carriage have escaped with serious burns and injuries related to the stampede to get out of the station.

Passengers have taken to social media, showing the chaos caused.

Many are posting a picture which is believed to be the source of the blast – a large plastic bucket placed inside a shopping bag and wires hanging out, placed near the carriage door of the train.

Reports suggest there may have been a timer attached to the device.