Prime Minister Timothy Harris.

Dr. Denzil Douglas claims that the Prime Minister, Dr. Timothy Harris, is giving duty-free concessions to family members and close friends.

The leader of the opposition alleges these concessions have led to a significant reduction in revenue streams into the Consolidated Fund of the Federal Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.

“We have seen a situation where the revenue collected is significantly down, expenditure has continued and naturally the International Monetary Fund is going to insist that you have to rely on steady streams of income which are taxes,” said Dr. Douglas.

Dr. Douglas said when his administration left office in February 2015, over EC$800 million was left in the Treasury.

“The collection of revenue is not there. The spending continues unabated because (Dr. Timothy Harris) has to pay for the political support of the two CCM-members of the coalition government.”

“Duty-free concessions during my administration were policy-based. A policy was in place. It was not something that a prime minister or a minister of finance can simply play with at his whim and fancy. It cannot be that his aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, friends or those who might have given him large sums of money for an election campaign and duty-free concessions are given,” said Dr. Douglas.

“It does not and it should not work like that.”