Fire and Rescue Officers with Ms. Anita Hobson
The St. Kitts and Nevis Fire and Rescue Services (SKNFRS) have aided a hurricane-affected senior citizen.
Ms. Anita Hobson, who is 65 years old, suffered a great amount of damage to the roof of her home during the passage of category five hurricanes Irma and Maria last month.
The SKNFRS came to Ms Hobson’s aid, after the damaged roof caused flooding throughout the house.
Ms. Hobson’s friend Ms. Yvonne Pemberton, who also lives in the house, woke to discover the flooding.
Ms. Hobson reached out to the SKNFRS through a friend after the flooding became a problem.
Fire Chief Mr. Everette O’Garro heard about Ms. Hobson’s situation and reached out to the local fire station to come to her aid.
Last week, the SKNFRS provided a temporary fix for Ms. Hobson’s roof, by covering it with tarpaulin.
“The guys took pride in being a part of such an initiative,” Mr. O’Garro said.
“We as an agency are responsible for helping people and saving lives.”