Two serious accidents over the weekend have left one person dead and two injured.

A traffic accident along Wellington Road occurred at approximately 1.40am on November 18.

The accident involved three vehicles, two of which were parked on the road side. A male pedestrian, who has been named as Mark Hodge of Sandy Point, was standing next to his car.

A third vehicle was travelling north along Wellington Road, but collided with Mr. Hodge and the front bumper of the other car parked on the road side.

Mr. Hodge was transported to the Joseph N. France Hospital by emergency services, but unfortunately did not recover from his injuries.

The driver, Mr. Christopher True, whose vehicle collided with Mr. Hodge has been taken into police custody and is assisting with investigations.

Another traffic accident occurred on Wellington Road at approximately 2.50am. Two vehicles collided and both drivers have been taken to hospital being treated for their injuries.