The Superintendent of her Majesty’s Prison in St. Kitts and Nevis has been reportedly removed from his post.

Mr. Juni Hodge, who has been the Superintendent for only 20 months, was reportedly forced out of the job on October 5, after he clashed with Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris.

At the time, Mr. Hodge denied his dismissal.

“I don’t know about drawing the Prime Minister into it – that would be their issue and the Prime Minister’s. Probably there might be persons within the institution who wants to be the head, and they would have started that…that I was forced out,” Hodge is quoted as saying after the rumoured dismissal.

On November 24, it is understood that Mr. Hodge was called into a meeting with the prime minister and permanent secretary where he was told he was being dismissed form his role as Superintendent.

No official comment has been made about the post of Superintendent.