St. Kitts and Nevis athlete Kim Collins has been elected to serve on the International Association of Athletics Associations (IAAF) Athlete’s Commission.

He will serve on the committee for four years, commencing January 2018.

Mr. Collins, 41, has been described by St. Kitts and Nevis prime minister Timothy Harris as an “international standard bearer for excellence”. 

“Today his election to the IAAF Commission stirs similar emotions of togetherness and unity as all of us are proud of his continued exhibition of excellence and perseverance at the highest International level.”

Mr. Collins has exceeded expectations many times throughout his athletics career. 

The 1996 Olympic games were Mr. Collins’ first, where he made it past the first round. Four years later, he proceeded to the Olympic finals, among concerns his small frame would not afford him the ability to be an elite athlete. 

In 2002, in Manchester, U.K., Mr. Collins won the 100m race at the Commonwealth Games, beating competitors from Jamaica and Great Britain. 

Mr. Collins ran 100m in under 10 seconds in 2016, a feat that most did not consider possible for an individual 40 years or older. 

Prime Minister Harris acknowledged that Mr Collins’ humble beginnings – growing up in the communities of McKnight, Newtown and Market Street – and fierce determination make him an outstanding role model for the young people of the Federation.