Tension appears to be building between Attorney General Mr. Vincent Byron and Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, after complaints earlier this year regarding the administration in the High Court in Basseterre.

The St. Kitts and Nevis Bar Association has written to the Attorney General on the situation at the High Court Registry after complaints from lawyers earlier this year.

The High Court Registry, headed by Mrs. Janine Harris-Lake, who is the sister of the prime minister, is frequently understaffed. Lawyers have complained of the frequency Mrs. Harris-Lake is out of the office, and in the absence of a deputy court registrar or other senior officer, important documents which require signatures are often left in the court, delaying processes further.

On November 2, a source commented that the divide between the prime minister and the attorney general appeared to be widening.

“It does not appear that the Prime Minister is able to call on the Attorney General to speak on his behalf, but if he is going to defend his sister when the attorney general is trying to bring discipline in that department, what do you expect?” said Dr. Denzil Douglas, leader of the opposition.