Leader of the Opposition Dr. Denzil Douglas called on the prime minister to pay small businesses and contractors for services they have provided to the Team Unity administration.

Dr. Douglas has called the administration’s behaviour “totally unacceptable”.

Over the last month, numerous people have come forward with complaints that payment has not been made to them by Dr. Timothy Harris’ administration for months of services.

Dr. Douglas recalled that during his time as prime minister, Dr. Harris, who served as the Minister of Finance in the administration, “delayed payments to small contractors and business persons who had rendered services to the government” without his knowledge.

“This apparently was in an effort to make it appear through creative accounting that the financial position of the government was stronger and he wanted to see a big surplus”, Dr. Douglas added.

“Today, I publicly call for the cessation of this habit by Dr. Harris in his capacity as the Minister of  Finance and further call for the prompt payments to all small contractors and all persons who have rendered services to the government and payments remain outstanding,” said Dr. Douglas.