Mr. Konris Maynard has assured his constituents that he will endeavour to restore his constituency office following a fire in late November.

The source of the fire is still unknown.

“The building was completely insured and we are awaiting the instructions from the insurance before we proceed with its restoration,” said Mr. Maynard at a press conference.

The constituency office was built in 2014.

“Since the general election in 2015, my office has remained opened to the general public five days a week during business hours and available for use for all things related to serving the constituents of West Basseterre and even beyond. The office includes a private consultation office, an administrative open area, a full bath, a storage room and a generous meeting hall,” he said.

“There was extensive damage to the conference hall of the office. The Hall is unusable in its current state and the office section of the building suffered minor cosmetic damage,” said Mr. Maynard, who was overseas at the time of the fire.

He disclosed that the police have indicated that they are now waiting on the report from the firedDepartment to proceed with their investigation.