A United States investigation into the herpes vaccine trial which took place in St. Kitts has found the man in charge also vaccinated patients in United States’ hotel rooms.

The Kaiser Health News (KHN) ran an investigation into the alleged misconduct by the lead researcher in the vaccine trial, Southern Illinois University (SIU) associate Professor William Halford.

KHN reported on Tuesday that during its investigation it found that Mr. Halford administered the injections himself at two hotels within a 15 minute drive of the University labs. It is believed that a t least eight people were injected with the vaccine on four separate occasions across the summer and autumn of 2013.

The 2013 experiments raise further questions of misconduct by Mr. Halford, who pursued a herpes vaccine for years while working at SIU.

Mr. Halford ran the clinical trial on St. Kitts in 2016 which tested an experimental vaccine and did not alert U.S. or St. Kitts and Nevis authorities.

Following a KHN report that Halford completed the 2016 trial with no independent safety oversight, the Department of Health and Human Services demanded SIU account for the research.

SIU, in an initial response to U.S. authorities, said the university’s institutional review board found “serious noncompliance with regulatory requirements and institutional policies and procedures.”