Ousted members of the People’s Labour Party (PLP) are criticising prime minister Dr. Timothy Harris for his alleged unaccounted for campaign funds.

Mr. Douglas Wattley, a former PLP chairman, posted a series of messages on his Facebook page regarding the issue.

“One of the first requests de man (Timothy Harris) presented after Team Unity won was for a EC$5000 allowance for one of his sisters,” Mr. Wattley wrote.

“As members of the original People’s Labour Party (PLP), we believe that we were bamboozled, hoodwinked and outright lied to and cheated by Prime Minister.”

In April during a press conference by the prime minister, Dr. Harris was asked to respond to allegations of unaccounted for PLP campaign funds said to be over EC$10 million. He avoided answering this question, calling the allegations hearsay.

The prime minister also said that he has taken legal action for the spread of such rumours. However, court sources have revealed that there is no record of action by him.

No investigation has taken place yet regarding the election campaign funds.