Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Denzil Douglas

The St. Kitts and Nevis prime minister has announced the contract for the construction of the new Tabernacle Health Clinic has been awarded to Mr. William Challenger.

The announcement comes after opposition leader Dr. Denzil Douglas commented on the fact that a family member of the prime minister was given the job of demolishing the old Health Clinic.

Mr. Challenger is relatively unknown in the construction industry, and it has since become known that he is the neighbour of prime minister Dr. Timothy Harris.

During the debate on the 2018 Budget last week, Dr. Douglas expressed concern that not all contractors have been given a fair share of the Team Unity spending in 2017, totalling around EC$50 million.

Earlier this year, the prime minister said there was an overall surplus of EC$128million from the 2016 fiscal year, and that the Tabernacle Health Clinic and National Heroes Park would be constructed this year.

Last month, Dr. Harris accepted a cheque from the Ambassador of the Republic of China for US$1million for the construction of the Health Clinic. In 2016, the prime minister accepted a cheque from the Taiwanese ambassador for the construction of the National Heroes Park for EC$2million.

Dr. Douglas asked during the debate last week, “The government had already allocated money for the Tabernacle Health Centre. What happened to the money that was allocated for the Tabernacle Health Clinic in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 budgets?”

The opposition leader also questioned the need for additional funds to complete the National Heroes Park.

It is believed a family member of the prime minister was contracted to demolish the Health Clinic and to construct the Park.

“Ordinary people like Ali and Ion and other contractors must also be awarded jobs. Let them get involved in the bidding process and not one set of people. Let them get involved in the opportunity. Everyone must eat,” said Dr. Douglas.