The chairperson of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) has joined opposition leader Dr. Denzil Douglas in condemning the Speaker of the National Assembly for his actions in Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting.

Ms. Marcella Liburd, who has served as the Chair of the SKNLP since 2013, has said that the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Michael Perkins, allowed Tuesday’s sitting to be turned into a political bashing of the opposition leader.

She accused Prime Minister Harris of turning a blind eye to the cries of the people who face mounting difficulties in paying their bills, youth unemployment and presiding over an escalation in the cost of living, the unavailability of adequate healthcare and drastic cutback in social assistance to families in need.

“Our people are frustrated and are generally at a tipping point. And the strategy of this government is to blame Douglas for everything that goes wrong, insults him and criticises him in every way possible,” said Ms. Liburd.

“What are your plans? What are your programmes to make life better for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis? Those are difficult questions for Dr. Harris and his Team Unity government to answer.”

“What took place in the National Assembly is reprehensible with the full consent and collusion with the Speaker. Every agenda item takes the form of a political meeting. It does not matter whether the agenda item is announcements by the Speaker, statements by ministers or speaking on the adjournment.

“His (Mr. Perkins) only rules that apply in Parliament is to shut up the opposition. No other rules apply. Democratic principles have gone through the door. Nothing call democracy is in the National Assembly. Every item on the agenda is an opportunity for government ministers to abuse people, to insult people and to criticise people with the full support of the Speaker whether you are present or not. Whenever the ministers start, no one stops them and only ministers are allowed to engage in that manner and even if we are allowed to do so we would not do it,” said Liburd.