Mervin Flaherty, the federation's latest murder victim.

Violence has taken a grip on St. Kitts and Nevis with two murders, a police shooting and vehicle diddled with bullets.

On Monday night (October 9), a male national who returned home from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, to bury his mother on Wednesday, was stabbed to death by another brother during an altercation over property in the town of Cayon.

The dead brother, Mervin Flaherty, a pilot with the Tortola-based Air Sunshine, is murder victim number 20th.

The brother, alleged to have inflicted the fatal wound, is better known as “Rockers.” There was no information if he was in police custody.

The murder came hours after police fired their guns during an operation in Church Ground, Nevis, while attempting to arrest a young man.

The man was injured and taken to the Alexandra Hospital in Charlestown. His condition is not known.

The shocking Monday follows busy weekend for police.

On Sunday a car was riddled with bullets in the Pinneys Beach. Police have not released any information and it is unknown if the vehicle was occupied.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, three armed masked men walked into Biggz Night Club and pumped bullets into 44-year-old Daniel Wilkinson.

Wilkinson, a West Farm resident, St. Kitts, died on the spot. He became the 19th murder victim.