The bike ridden by the missing man.

The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda is searching for a man who is believed to have rode his bicycle off Bryson’s Wharf and into the sea in the early hours of Sunday.

WIC News understands that he had been fleeing the scene after mugging someone of their mobile phone.

Although the man hasn’t been named he has been described by police as “slimly built, and is approximately 5ft-8ins in height.”

He was last seen dressed in dark coloured clothing, they added.

The incident began at around 2.30am on September 10, when the missing man rode his green bicycle westward along Newgate Street. He then allegedly snatched the mobile phone of a passerby, who was sat in a vehicle.

The owner of the phone pursued the cyclist, and he turned onto the lower portion of Church Street and rode the bicycle off the pier into the water.

“He was spotted shortly afterwards swimming in a western direction, and then disappeared,” the police said.

“All efforts were made to find him, but have so far proven futile. The police have since recovered the bicycle from the water and took it to the police station.”

Investigations are ongoing.

Police are appealing to anyone who may be missing a family member, or recognise the bike and can identify who is the owner, to contact the Criminal Investigations Department on 462-3913 or 462-3914.