The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has been facilitating Dominican nationals desirous of returning home as a result of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in French St. Martin, Dutch Sint Maarten, Tortola and Anguilla, to be transported to Dominica.

This is in an effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma as the affected countries concentrate on their emergency response and recovery efforts.

To better coordinate these efforts, in light of poor communication in those islands, the Government has taken the decision to assign point persons who can be contacted to provide information. The following focal point persons can be contacted to register in these countries:

  • Dutch St. Maarten – Mr. Clayton Felix Contact information: 1-721-527-6801
  • French St. Martin – Maria Joseph Contact information: 011-590-690-51-32-59
  • Tortola – Ms. Joanne Azzouz & Jasmine Brewley at J & C Trading Contact information: 1-284-346-7009
  • Anguilla – Mr. Quincy Gumbs Contact information: 1-264-497-2976

Relatives of affected individuals are also invited to contact the following focal point persons in Dominica to assist with the arrangements for the transfer of our nationals as follows:

  • For French Saint Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten – Ms Athenia Benjamin Tel: 767-285-7774 Email:
  • For Tortola – Ms Loreen Joseph Tel: 767-266-3395/767-275-0680 Email:
  • For Anguilla – Ms Claudia Walters Tel. 767-266-3224/767-276-7007 Email:

The cooperation of the general public is solicited, as we seek to assist those affected by Hurricane Irma.

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica stands in full solidarity with the Government and people of the hurricane ravaged islands and pledges its full support to their relief and recovery efforts.