Joseph Andall.

The deputy political leader of Grenada’s main opposition party has spoken of his fears that there could be issues in the country’s police that the government is covering up.

Joseph Andall, who is the National Democratic Congress’ caretaker for St Patrick West, has questioned whether the Royal Grenada Police Force is being used for “selective purposes”.

His concerns appear to be based on an investigation that took place earlier this year into alleged corruption within government-run programmes, including house repairs and de-bushing.

‘Ghost workers’ and truck drivers charging for trips that didn’t take place were among the complaints.

But a lack of transparency following the investigate has irked Andall.

“To date, not a single word has emerged regarding the outcome of those investigations. We do not know if those investigations have come to an end, we do not know what were the findings of the investigations,” he said.

“What is quite clear is that materials were recovered from a number of premises belonging to individuals connected to the ruling party.

“The question must be asked: Is the RGPF [Royal Grenada Police Force] being compromised? Is the RGPF being coerced into suppressing evidence? Or, is it being used for selective purposes.”

These questions must be answered, Andall added, stating that the government is elected to serve the people and not to act as a “cartel”.

Emails to both the ruling New National Party and the Grenada police on this matter have been unanswered.