Statement by Mr. Konris G. Maynard

At about 2:00am on Monday 27 November 2017, through the vigilance of surrounding neighbours, I was  alerted of a fire at the eastern side of the West Basseterre Constituency Office. The Fire & Rescue Department attended the fire just after 2:00am and quickly brought the fire under control.  

From an initial assessment, the eastern side of the Constituency Office, where the meeting hall is located,  has suffered a significant amount of fire damage. Contents in that area have also been significantly damaged. The office section of the constituency office building has escaped any major damage and should  be usable in the upcoming days for continued meetings with my Constituents. 

The police have indicated that an investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing and a report will be made known as soon as is possible. 

Thanks be to God that there were no injuries to anyone. I would like to thank the surrounding neighbours for their vigilance in alerting the Fire Department and myself of the fire thus averting what could have been the total destruction of the constituency office building. I would also like to thank the Fire and Rescue  Department for their quick response that led to the control of the flames in a very short period of time. 

Constituents can be assured that everything will be done so that the use of the meeting hall of the building can resume as soon as possible. 

Again, I say a big thanks to all and we look forward to restoring the Constituency Office to full use in the shortest possible time.