Dr. Terrence Drew

Dr. Terrance Drew has called for the resignation of Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris and the ministers for health after the unethical herpes vaccine trial and stem cell research carried out in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Dr. Drew, who is a Cuba and United States trained general physician, said that both the herpes trial and stem cell research involved humans being used as lab rats and “is a modern day travesty in more ways than one.”

“The vaccine experiment was conducted between April and August 2016.  The stem cell experiment was conducted in June 2016.  They were planned and executed at the same time, in the same country, under the same Team Unity Government led by Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, senior minister of health, Eugene Hamilton and his junior, Wendy Phipps,” said Dr. Drew.

He says the good name of St. Kitts and Nevis has been dirtied by bad governance and unethical and illegal practices.

Following negative attention on the government for its lack of action once news of the herpes vaccine became public, Dr. Drew has called for a full investigation to be carried out by the office of the Chief Medical Officer, as it is a public health matter due to the human experimentation involved in both the trial and research undertaken.

“Additionally, the investigation should also be carried out by Immigration and Customs officials to find how, why and who were involved in not declaring the true purpose of the vaccine recipients’ visit to the Federation, and not declaring the vaccine material and medical material at the border,” Dr. Drew further stated.

He has said that such injustices cannot be allowed to go by unpunished, and the ministers as well as the Prime Minister, should hand in their resignations.

“The ministers have lost all credibility as they have demonstrated gross incompetence as ministers of government.”