The St. Kitts and Nevis agricultural sector has begun to recover after the damage suffered from Hurricanes Irma and Maria earlier this year.

The prime minister, Dr. Timothy Harris, announced that the Hurricane Relief Compensation Initiative (HRCI)allocated a sum of EC$300,000 to aid in its recovery.

“I reported that we had made a special allocation of over EC$300,000 available to the Ministry to deal with some significant damage to that sector and to assist the farmers and fishers,” the prime minister said.

The prime minister said that 102 crop farmers have qualified for hurricane relief, with 57 already having collected at least some of the materials available to them.

22 of the 33 livestock farmers have also received support.

It was noted during Wednesday’s press conference that a sum of EC$184,012 has been dispersed under the HRCI so far. A total of EC$34,000 has been used for road restoration, while EC$75,412 and EC$74,600 have been used for purchasing hardware, materials and services for the Department of Agriculture.